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Federal agencies, government contractors, and others handling Controlled Unclassified Information (“CUI”) have it tough.  They must occasionally refer back to the language in several laws, regulations, government-wide policies, and other documents. Often, remembering which documents are relevant, and knowing where to look for these documents, can be a challenge.

The CUI Reference Guide puts key CUI-related documents at your fingertips. This makes it easy to find the information you need without having to scour the Internet. The CUI Reference Guide also makes it easy to flip back and forth between the documents to better understand how their requirements are interrelated.

Although the CUI Reference Guide is useful on its own, it is the perfect companion to CUI Informed and CUI Fundamentals and a great way to round out any CUI training program.




The CUI Reference Guide includes copies of:

  • Executive Order 13556: Establishes the CUI Program and grants NARA the authority to create corresponding regulations that apply to federal agencies.
  • 32 CFR 2002: NARA’s regulation that defines the CUI Program and how federal agencies are to handle nonpublic, unclassified information going forward.
  • NARA’s CUI Marking Guide: Describes how CUI should be marked in many of its various forms and across a wide variety of scenarios.
  • NARA’s CUI FAQs: Answers 34 of the questions most frequently asked by federal employees and government contractors about the CUI Program.
  • DoDI 5200.48: Defines the United States Department of Defense’s (“DoD”) implementation of the Controlled Unclassified Information Program.
  • DoDI 5230.24: Defines a specific attribute of DoD’s CUI program, when, how, and by whom distribution statements are to be applied to DoD technical information.

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